Tuition Schedule

K-8 Tuition Schedule:

  • Ilm Academy tuition fee is $5250.00 for ten months. If paid annually through check by May 31st, the fee is $5000.00.
  • Monthly tuition through ACH is $525.00 for ten months.
  • Sibling discounted tuition is $500.00 for ten months paid through ACH.

The school reserves the right to impose appropriate penalties in case of delinquency in payment of tuition. These include, but are not limited to, denial of re-enrollment, suspension of the student, denying permission for exams, and/or withholding transcripts and records as prescribed by law.

Additionally, all parents are required to enroll in the ACH tuition payment program.

For application for admission, please visit school office during week days.

9th Grade Tuition Schedule:

Enrollment Opens: January 14, 2021
Monthly Fee: $675.00
Yearly Fee: $6750.00
Testing Date: March 3rd

Ilm High School 9th grade will Insha Allah be in session September 2021 and subsequent grades will be added every year thereafter.

For admission into 9th grade, candidates will be required to:

1. Submit a completed admission application. Applications are available online through the school website or from the school office.

2. Take the entrance exam for math and English.

3. Have an admissions interview with school administration.