ILM Academy administration

Ilm Academy’s faculty members, with qualifications from traditional Islamic institutions and modern Western universities, provide students a distinctive and integrated educational experience.

Mrs. Huma Bokharey

Head of School / Administrator

Mrs. Bokharey has founded Ilm Academy and has served as its Principal since its inception. She brings over 25 years of distinguished educational expertise and experience to Ilm Academy. She has an MS in Administrative Sciences and over the course of her career her credentials have included the roles of both teacher and administrator in the Challenger School System. Additionally, she has held the position of Corporate Quality Assurance Manager for CA, NV, and UT Challenger Schools. She is also the founder of Sapienza Educational Publishing, Ilm Academy’s publishing division established with the aim to produce Islamic school curriculum. Under her leadership Ilm Academy has grown from a school of 16 students in 2010 to 192 in 2019. Ilm Academy has anchored the community through its Tarbiyah and academic program which was designed to serve the Muslim community of Fremont and beyond. Mrs Bokharey has been the catalyst for bringing a cohesive environment and taking the school to the next level with the WASC accreditation and continuing the successful model into establishing Ilm Academy high school program.

Ms. Reshma Farooqui

Director of school and Curriculum (EL-HS)

Ms. Reshma Farooqui brings her 20 years of extensive experience with curriculum design and implementation to Ilm Academy. Before joining Ilm Academy she held the role of the math and science department lead at a high school. In this role she successfully designed and implemented creative, student-centered, interdisciplinary curriculums. As the department lead, she also successfully mentored and supported teachers within her department with developing and implementing interactive pedagogical strategies for student engagement in Math and Sciences including AP courses. Her philosophy is to support every student by integrating innovative and creative instructional techniques to make learning accessible for students at all levels. At Ilm Academy, she continues to successfully design and implement cross disciplinary curriculums focussed on experiential learning. Additionally, in her role as the WASC coordinator she has played a crucial part in the accreditation process.

Ms. Irum Sarfaraz

Director of Language Arts

Ms. Sarfaraz is a veteran journalist with over 25 years of experience in the writing field. With an MA in English Literature, and writing diplomas, her published credentials include over two thousand bylines in magazines, newspapers, and blogs, and a poetry anthology and novel. Ms. Sarfaraz is seasoned in English and Urdu fiction and non-fiction writing, translations, and editing, and along with her administrative duties she overlooks Ilm Academy’s ELA program as Director of Language Arts, 8th Grade LA teacher, and School Publications Editor. Ms. Sarfaraz is the lead writer for Sapienza Educational Publishing, Ilm Academy’s publishing division dedicated to producing Islamic school curriculum. Ms. Sarfaraz has been with Ilm Academy for 6 years.

Ms Shehnila Vaid

Kindergarten Program Coordinator

Mrs Shehnila Vaid has been a dedicated and crucial part of Ilm Academy for 12 years. She has supported ILM Academy in various capacities. She was one of the earliest contributors towards establishing and building ILM Academy. She started working as a kindergarten teacher during the early years. She has continued to be an ardent supporter and her work and dedication has had a huge impact in helping ILM Academy grow to what it is today. In her capacity as the kindergarten program coordinator, she has trained kindergarten teachers, and played a vital role in school for the smooth running of daily operations. She is extremely passionate about teaching and making a difference in the lives of young children and in her role as the kindergarten program Coordinator and school office manager she continues to be a valuable asset for Ilm Academy.

Ms. Wahida Lambe

School Accountant

Ms. Lambe has a BA in Economics and Politics and over ten years of experience in accounting. Additionally, she also has over two years of abacus teaching experience. Prior to joining Ilm Academy, Ms. Lambe worked at the American Heart Association accounts division. She overlooks the schools accounts at Ilm Academy. Ms. Lambe has been with Ilm Academy for 5 years.