Parent Teacher’s Association

Ilm Academy’s parent community is an integral part of the school where it allows parents to remain regularly connected with the school as volunteers and as active members of the school PTA. Ilm Academy parents are a diverse team who are involved in school events planning and judging (science fairs). Their involvement in  enrichment activities such as fundraisers, arranging for visits by members of local civic bodies to our campus, managing bake-sales, helping with the arrangement of field trips, lending a helping hand to teachers on school trips, arranging of appreciation events for teachers, organizing stationary sales, and regularly helping out as lunch volunteers throughout the school year, helps the students become successful in all areas. The school and the PTA work hand in hand to bring the best learning outcomes for our students.

 llm Academy values its parent community and recognizes that their involvement in school events has a positive impact on student growth and learning. We ensure that parents have several opportunities to contribute and participate in events and activities throughout the school year.

Hot Lunches

As our fund-raising drive, Ilm Academy PTA in collaboration with Ilm Academy started a healthy/fresh school lunch program, a very convenient option for parents who are short on time for packing their child’s lunch. Parents have the option to choose freshly cooked, child friendly, nutritious, boxed school lunch once a week. The lunch order forms are sent home a week earlier to the parents and the food is cooked fresh per order.

The program has been very successful for the number of years that it has been in operation and children are excited to have this hot lunch treat once a week. The funds raised from the program have gone towards supporting the school’s sports program and other student activities. 

Event Organization

The PTA is extremely active and involved in event planning as well as other student enrichment activities. The PTA helps the school with organizing fundraisers  and charitable drives for the causes taken by the school and students. Graduation is another very important event where the PTA is hands-on with the organization by collaborating closely with the teachers