School Anthology

Ilm Academy produces original publications created and written by the school’s young scholars. Borne of the concept of active literary participation of the students in the creation of books that they can forever treasure, these are vastly entertaining keepsakes not only for the young authors themselves but for any reader.

Ilm Academy publications are compiled on the basis of creative merit as well as for the original ingenuity of the compositions. When motivated, the imaginations of children know no bounds. Our books showcase that imagination in these delightful collections. Edited and compiled by Irum Sarfaraz, the middle-school Language Arts teacher, a writer and editor by profession, original cover art by Bay Area artist Tahira Aftab, and with first grade, full cover printing, these books are an absorbing and entertaining addition to any bookshelf.

Ilm Anthology VI: Vol. VI

For the sixth consecutive year, the outstandingly creative, poetic flare of the students of Ilm Academy, Fremont, is showcased in the sixth edition of the school's poetry anthology, Ilm Anthology-Vol. VI.

Ilm Anthology: Vol. V

Ilm Anthology-Vol. V is a collection of poems from the students of Ilm Academy. Continuing one of the most cherished literary traditions of the school, the annual school anthology brings forth..

Ilm Academy Anthology ––– Vol. IV

Continuing its tradition of yearly school anthology, the school compiled and published its fourth volume of Ilm Anthology Vol. IV at the end of the 2018-2019 school year. The collection of original poems by all grade levels is a delightful collection to the existing Ilm Academy publications. Ilm Anthology Vol. IV is available for purchase through the school office.

Ilm Academy Anthology ––– Vol. III

The students at Ilm Academy proudly presented the third volume of Ilm Anthology in summer 2018. The collection of poems reflected a more seasoned approach to the year’s theme ‘We Make a Difference’. A delight to read, the collection proves yet again the contemplative level of the students.

Ilm Academy Anthology ––– Vol. II

Alhamdullillah, the second volume of the school anthology is already in the works and will insha Allah be available for purchase by soon. More expansive than the first and also covering a distinct theme this year, ‘Gratitude to Allah’, the second volume will be just as engaging as the first. (slides of the book to be added later with inside pages and site where this can be purchased)

Ilm Academy Anthology ––– Vol. I

According to Robert Frost, ‘Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words’. The Ilm Academy’s first anthology is a charming collection of poems from each grade level. Ranging from the thought provoking to delightful, they reflect the inner minds of the school’s young poets. (slides of book plus inside pages and link where this can be purchased)