IIm Academy alumni take with them traditions steeped in a solid groundworkof Islamic knowledge that imparts pride in identity, community leadership,a strong sense of citizenship, excellence in education, mentorship skills, high aspirations and goals for the future, and an unfaltering strength of character that remains steadfast in the challenging academic and socialpaths ahead.

Even after graduation, Ilm Academy’s alumni remain connected with the school in a variety of ways and continue to contribute as school magazines editors, as connectors of noted programs such as the Harvard Academies extra curricular programs with the school’s middle school students, and as volunteers in varying capacities. The school takes as much pride in the young individuals it has groomed as these young people take in the efforts Ilm Academy consistently makes to instill values that will insha Allah stay with them for life.

At Ilm Academy, the relationship fostered with students does not end with graduation day–it continues for life.