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Ilm Academy

More than Just a School

Ilm Academy is a full time Islamic School in the heart of San Francisco Bay Area. The school takes prides in its decade old tradition of holistic development of students from the earliest grades, garnering in them skills essential for high school and beyond. Meticulous attention to curriculum hones students’ skill sets in conventional education while laying key emphasis on a Tarbiyah based Islamic education.

Ilm Academy’s Language Arts program is exclusive to the school with rigorous training in eloquent, imaginative, and visionary written expression that lends wings to the thoughts, opinions, and ideas of the young minds of 21st century. The school continually showcases these writings through a school magazine, and multiple essay and poetry anthologies throughout the academic year.

Ilm Academy’s elected Student Council represents the school in all of the school major enterprises and campaigns to strengthen students’ interactions with all-encompassing activities. These include regular engagement with civic bodies in order to promote civic responsibility from the earliest grades. The school is regularly visited by members of the local civic institutions such as local judges, city council members, including the Mayor, and officers from the local police department. Ilm Academy carves out time from studies and extracurricular activities to consciously cultivate empathy in students for those who are in need, regardless of cultural, social, and religious boundaries, and regularly organizes fundraising and collection drives for the homeless, needy, and those suffering as a result of natural calamities.

Zeroing on activities promoting public speaking, leadership, and athletic skills, Ilm Academy has school teams for basketball and football, speech competitions, annual spelling bee, science fair, and Buddy Systems where older students are paired with younger ones for different school related activities.

Ilm Academy is not just focused on education, it is focused on the nurturing of honorable individuals who are a pride to both family and community.


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May 2022
23 May

3rd Trimester Ends (54 Days)

30 May

Memorial Day Holiday

June 2022
07 - 08 Jun

Award Assembly K-7th Grades

09 Jun

8th Grade Graduation

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