ILM Academy has come very far in establishing its credibility as a distinguished educational institution that provides an unparalleled combination of islamic and conventional education. Ilm Academy took a humble start in a rented, three room facility connected to a Church on Carol Ave., Fremont, and a total enrollment of 11 children and Grades K-2. At the end of the first year the school had grown to 17 students. Ilm Academy continued to grow every year, adding a subsequent grade level every new academic year until the rented facility had reached maximum capacity by the 2016-17. As enrollment continued to increase,  the school had to rent a second facility at the Ibrahim Khalilullah Islamic Center on Osgood Rd. Fremont.  

Six years following its establishment, the community trust in the school’s educational program was well established and it became imperative that a new facility was needed that would cater exclusively to the growing needs of the institution. With the efforts of the Islamic Center of Fremont and community support, a new location was acquired and construction began for a fully customized facility. With the help of Allah (SWT), llm Academy opened its doors at the new school location on Albrae St. in the 2017-18 academic year with over 160 students from grades K-8. The new, state of the art facility, was equipped with a gym, science lab, playground for elementary grade levels, and a small library. Connected to Masjid Zakaria, the spacious and airy facility is only the first phase of the ICF project with a full Islamic high school facility in the pipeline as part of the completion of the facility’s later phases. 

Over the past decade, Ilm Academy has established itself as an institution par excellence for providing Islamic and conventional education within its well regulated Tarbiyah progarm. As we continue to grow, Alhamdullillah, so does the established community’s trust in our program.