Student Enrichment

Charitable Drives

ILM  Academy provides several avenues for students to be involved in giving back. Ilm Academy with the support of the PTA and entire school community they have raised funds and contributed towards the following projects

  1. Gift of Quran: Sent 1600 Qurans to madrasa and masjids in Nigeria
  2. Blanket Drive: Donated 600 blankets for the homeless in collaboration with the city of Fremont
  3. Donated blankets to Afghan refugees

Debate Club

The school debate club lends voice to the students’ communicative skills by sharpening their thinking, articulation, and critical thinking skills. By debating on timely issues with their peers, our students learn to navigate the nuances of complicated issues by positive verbal interaction. Debate competitions are held between different classes at school.

Student Council

The school Student Council introduces the students to the rudiments of positive civic engagement and lays the foundation of active participation in civic life. Student Council members are elected by the students in school wide elections and nominated candidates get the full chance to hold campaigns and present their agendas.

Environment club ILMA Seeds

The school environment club, Ilma Seeds, instills the love of purposeful gardening in the students. The environmental club’s motto is “To Beautify Our Environment for the Better, Forever”. One of the ideas is the idea of an “Adopt a Plant” in order to encourage the younger grades to participate in efforts to preserve the beauty of nature and be provided an opportunity to serve their community at such a young age. “Adopt a Plant” will be a program in which younger students will be provided with a small plant to adopt and take care of.

Art Club

Ilm Academy’s art club is operated by the talented young artists in the older grades where they give guided art lessons to the younger grade levels during the art and Creative Writing period chalked out within the academic day. Ilm Academy also has an on campus professional artist as a staff member who is available to provide professional guidance and instruction to the students.

Sewing Club

The sewing club is an after school extracurricular club that is open to our sewing enthusiasts eager to learn the basics of stitching, operating sewing machines, and working independently on small sewing projects. Open to all students, the school’s sewing club has consistently seen a record number of attendees since its inception.


The robotics club at Ilm Academy is targeted for middle and high school students and encourages an active participation in the design and development of robots. Robotics clubs have shown to strengthen students’ STEM skills and build a solid foundation in math, coding, and engineering. The members of the robotics club not only designed their robotics projects but also gave presentations at the school assemblies.

ILM Academy Boy/Girl Scouts

The Cub Scouts of America offers exciting scouting opportunities to the students of llm Academy under the banner of Islamic center of Fremont. Scouting is highly adventurous and not only contributes greatly to strengthening familial bonds but builds character, leadership and more. Through scouting, children develop the more positive aspects of their personalities and gain greater maturity and ethical grounding. Scouting offers hands-on-learning and opportunities for achievement, raising their morale, self-confidence, and general outlook on life.

Orphan Sponsorship

From a young age, Ilm Academy students are directed towards developing a compassionate spirit of giving and assisting the lesser fortunate. Ilm Academy has organized orphan sponsorship programs in partnership with the Givelight Foundation. The founder of Givelight Foundation, Sr. Dian Alyan, has visited the campus personally and spoken to the students about the sponsored orphans.. The Givelight Foundation has built and is running orphanages for children in many countries including Indonesia, Pakistan, Morocco, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Haiti, and is also making support efforts in Syria, Nepal, Turkey, Afghanistan and many others. Supporting orphans is an integral part of our Deen and its importance cannot be overstated. Sponsoring orphans and making the sincere effort to support these children goes a long way in understanding the needs of this very vulnerable portion of society.