Parents’ Community

Ilm Academy’s parent community is an integral part of the school where it allows parents to remain regularly connected with the school as volunteers and as very active members of the school PTA. Parents association with schools have historically been linked to greater student confidence, better grades, and a smoother implementation of new programs at the school. Ilm Academy parents are a diverse team who are involved with helping the school with a wide range of activities including fundraisers, visits of members of local civic bodies to the campus on various occasions, managing bake-sales, helping with the arrangements of field trips and lending a helping hand to the teachers on the trips, arranging of appreciation events for teachers, organizing stationary sales, and regularly helping out as lunch volunteers throughout the school year, to name a few. 
Ilm Academy values its parent community as being highly resourceful individuals who have much to offer when they team up with the school staff. Multitude of volunteering opportunities are present on campus throughout the year. Where this involvement helps to support numerous school activities, it  also provides the parents the opportunity to be part of student learning as exemplary role models supporting Ilm Academy’s prided Tarbiyah program.