Ilm Academy started as a collaborative brainchild of local scholars, a veteran educator, and Muslim parents in Irvington District, Fremont, who felt the pressing need for a full service Islamic school in the area. Alhamdullilah, since that moment, there has been no looking back. Ilm Academy announced 2010-11 as its first academic school year. Beginning as K-2, an initial enrollment of seventeen children, and a staff of three teachers, the school has come a long way. From the academic year 2017-18 Ilm Academy has been operating K-8 from its new location as part of the ICF expansion project. Ilm Academy is proud to be on the list of reasons why many out-of-state families plan their move to the bay area. The exceptional level of education provided by the school is achieved through teachers chosen not only for their qualifications but also for their dedication and zeal for working within the unique environment of an Islamic School.


Our Vision

Ilm Academy’s vision is to establish and maintain a learning community that, at the very core, provides students with opportunities to discover their potential, their values, their strengths to make informed decisions grounded in their deen and make a difference in their communities.


Mission Statement

Ilm Academy strives to provide a holistic and enriched learning environment that is focussed on  whole child development which fosters intellectual growth, creative thinking, social awareness, spiritual and physical development through cross disciplinary curriculum,  interactive pedagogical implementation and opportunities for experiential learning.

Core Values

ILM Academy’s objective is to educate the whole child while fostering intellectual, creative, religious, social, and physical development.

Student experiences at Ilm Academy are designed to integrate core values that are key to their holistic development.

Faithful Individuals

At Ilm Academy we believe in creating an environment where students are inspired to develop faithfulness and internalize the core values of honesty, integrity to become lifelong learners with the aim to reach for excellence in every aspect of their lives.               

Global Citizens

Our program offerings focus on implementation of skills and strategies that students learn on a daily basis. They are able to apply skills towards community projects such as fundraising efforts  for supporting the less fortunate in the local as well as global communities.

Empowered Individuals

They are provided with opportunities to contribute their time and effort towards helping their peers through the buddy system, student councils and starting clubs that they design and launch. They build perseverance and  confidence through public speaking opportunities such as spelling bees, speech contests and science fairs that are held every year. 

Critical Thinkers

Students also explore open ended tasks and work on collaborative projects in the Math and Science classes that support them in developing growth mindset and collaborative skills. 

Empathetic Individuals

In the ELA and Social sciences classes, students dive deeper into socio political issues to develop an understanding of the complexities that drive human civilizations.

Good Character

Every course offered at Ilm Academy is designed and taught in a way that helps them make connections with the Quran and our Creator which truly leads to a transformative learning experience for each and every student.

Ilm Academy acknowledges and celebrates students’ accomplishments as they implement these core values in aiming to become academically and socially responsible individuals who are grounded in their faith. 


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