Field Trips

ILM Academy students take field trips to places that are educational but fun. Classes go together, sometimes chartering a bus, because busses just make the experience so much more fun.

Outer Play Area Upgrade

n September, 2021 the campus got a fabulous facelift with a complete outer area ugrade. The students are enjoying the new green areas immensely and it is used during lunch, play and Salah times, Alhamdullilah! Ilm Academy is sincerely grateful to all the contributors who stepped up to outer play area upgrade.

Environment club ILMA Seeds

The school environment club, Ilma Seeds, instills the love of purposeful gardening in the students. The environmental club’s motto is “To Beautify Our Environment for the Better, Forever”.

Student Council

The school Student Council introduces the students to the rudiments of positive civic engagement and lays the foundation of active participation in civic life. Student Council members are elected by the students in school wide elections and nominated candidates get the full chance to hold campaigns and present their agendas.

Debate Club

The school debate club lends voice to the students’ communicative skills by sharpening their thinking, articulation, and critical thinking skills. By debating on timely issues with their peers, our students learn to navigate the nuances of complicated issues by positive verbal interaction. Debate competitions are held between different classes at school.

ILMA Relief

Student led organization involved in projects to support the needy within our communities. Our high school students collaborated with the entire school community to fundraise and donate necessities such as food and blankets for the homeless. Some of their proceeds from their fundraiser were used to donate Qurans and hijabs to incarcerated reverts and muslims. They also took the initiative to donate money to build a well in Africa.