Major Upgrade to Play Area

lm Academy would like to wish all Ilm parents a very healthy and restful summer break. We look forward to welcoming you in August for the 2021-22 academic year with the exciting addition of 9th grade to the Ilm Academy roster. Ilm Academy has been extremely successful Alhumdulillah, in offering an exceptional and unique tarbiyah program that is focussed on the whole child. We constantly receive highly positive feedback from alumni and parents. Our Alumni not only stay in touch with us after having graduated but in fact volunteer their time and effort to give back to the school. Time and again our Alumni have shared the impact of our tarbiyah program on their confidence and their ability to navigate the complex world while holding steadfast to their deen, Alhumdulillah. 
Our Alumni and parents have  been the driving force behind us starting a  high school next year Inshaallah, so we can continue to provide our tarbiyah program in the crucial formative years of the youth in our community. Ilm Academy High School, 9th grade, will begin sessions in fall 2021, and we pray that Allah (SWT) puts great khair and barakah in this much needed endeavor. 
Ilm Academy High School is launched with the singular intention of taking forth Ilm Academy’s quality educational program to the next level and providing a platform for Ilm, and students from other schools, to continue their academic journey in the excellent tried and tested moral and academic environment provided by Ilm Academy. Admissions for K-9 are ongoing and additional details are available on the school website.  
Jzk Allah for your continued support and trust in Ilm Academy.