Speech Contest

In our speech contest event, students get a chance to build up and display their public speaking skills, while simultaneously learning more about Allah and the Prophet. Younger children can sing nasheeds, and older children give speeches about certain hadiths or aspects from the Seerah of our Prophet (SAW). Classes also give presentations for the parents and judges to enjoy.


Spelling Bee

Our spelling bee has proved to be one of our most tough competitions. Selected students are given words way above their grade level to spell in front of an audience, and every year, students exceed expectations by spelling them out correctly until a winner stands.


Science Fair

Science Fair is a great opportunity for students to explore the world of science with experiments or research projects. They present their poster boards along with their hard worked on projects to a panel of judges, and later display them in a fair to any parents, teachers, or other visitors that might be interested.


Friday Assemblies

Friday assemblies are a long-held tradition at Ilm Academy, spanning back to its very beginning. The whole school first participates in the morning duas and dhikr that each class reads individually every day, and then everyone recites the first or last ten verses of Surah Kahf. This is followed by a presentation from any class, maybe a new nasheed that they learned, or an interesting project that they want to share with the rest of the school.


Bake Sale

Bake sales at Ilm Academy are large, fun, and for a good cause. Bake sales are one of our best ways to fundraise for causes that we feel are important, like for fire victims, or charity organizations. Students and PTA work very hard to bring the yummiest delights, while also organizing games, and selling all types of other creative things. All in all, bake sales are looked forward to by the whole community.


Field Trip

Ilm Academy students take field trips to places that are educational but fun. Classes go together, sometimes chartering a bus, because busses just make the experience so much more fun. Our students have visited many science and history museums, and ILM academy has even participated in the Tech Challenge a number of times.


Soccer/Basketball Matches

Students play sports against teams from other schools to build school spirit and so that they are able to interact with Muslim children from different schools. They play vigorously all season until the tournament, where a winner is decided out of all the different schools. Ilm usually has four teams, two for girls, and two for boys.


City Officials Visit

Ilm offers a learning experience to students through government officials. The mayor, head of police force, and many other city officials have come to visit our school and speak to our students. The fire department has also come to give demonstrations to students of all grades.