High School


Physics curriculum will incorporate phenomena as a basis of learning that makes topics engaging by presenting the material through a three dimensional approach which includes interdisciplinary concepts, science and engineering practices, core ideas that bring into focus the concept and organizing principles
important across all sciences. Concepts will be introduced while integrating science and engineering practices employed in real life situations.

Core practices such as investigating, developing and using models, planning and carrying out investigations, analyzing and using data, using mathematical and computational thinking, constructing explanation, engaging in argument with evidence, and obtaining, evaluating and communicating information will be implemented and thoroughly practiced throughout this course.

Big ideas include mechanics, momentum and energy, waves and light, electricity and magnetism, and subatomic physics.


(Placement determined by entrance exam)

All Math courses will incorporate common core standards for mathematical practices. The underlying skills consistent across all math courses will be analysis of problems, reasoning and constructing viable arguments, attending to precision, persevering through a problem, using appropriate strategies and tools, as well as applying these skills in real life situations and problems.

These courses will integrate tasks and activities that promote creativity and analytical thinking.

Algebra 1

This course will include foundational concepts such as interpreting functions, building functions, linear, quadratic and exponential models, number system and quantities, polynomials and rational expressions, reasoning with equations and inequalities, and interpreting categorical and quantitative data.


This course will include transformations, transformation properties and proofs, congruence, similarity, right triangle trigonometry, analytical geometry, circles, conic sections, and 3-D geometry.

World History, Cultures and Geography

World History, Cultures and Geography essentially aims to introduce students to world history through the overarching lens of cultures and geography, both increasingly important areas of study in an era of rapidly fluctuating global change.

The study of political revolutions and wars in history and how they have contributed, and continue to contribute, Ilm Academy High School Prospectus to the displacements of populations, altering of boundary lines, and cultural assimilation are critical to the precepts of preserving the American Muslim identity in the 21st century.

LA I, LA I (Hon)

(Placement determined by entrance exam)

Language Arts I and Language Arts (Hon) are both extensions of Ilm Academy’s meritorious ELA program that focuses on the instruction of language arts with emphasis on analytical skills, reflection and contemplation in expression, forceful and positive written communication, and compelling composition, all taking a head start from elementary grades. Language Arts I for 9th Grade will be individualized/group instruction where students will be expected to polish their writing skills in a far more challenging environment than in public schools.

Students in the Honors class will be studying selected literary works and will also gain greater insight into Muslim writers of 20th century onward.

Arabic I

Arabic I is aimed at improving students’ proficiency in using Arabic as a language.

The goal of Arabic at the introductory level is to eventually help in mastering communication in Arabic as students progress to higher grade level. Students’ skills in reading, writing, speaking, and listening are developed with the use of Islamic texts that promote virtues of integrity, compassion, character, and friendship. Arabic I lays the foundation of continuation of study in subsequent grades.


The aim of PE will be to introduce students to a variety of fitness activities that will help create a realistic level of motivation in them to maintain lifelong fitness. Individualized goals will be established through assessments early in the year. Students will be prompted to achieve these goals by the end of the year through regular cardiovascular and muscular training and a multitude of games and exercises aimed at improving fitness levels.

Visual Arts

Visual Arts for 9th grade will be taught by a professional artist and will seek to cover the very basic elements of drawing.

These will primarily include line, value proportion, negative space, and perspective. Students will be taught to work with various mediums such as pencil, color pencils, oil pastels, and ink.

The visual arts class aims to provide a foundational skill set for all of the arts. This introduction to the concepts covered is considered critical for  candidate pursuing art in college

Elective: Business Leadership

Realizing the critical importance of grooming self-leadership skills in youth, the business leadership course focuses on imparting skills that foster integrity and competence, and facilitates affirmative mentorship.

The strength of an organization correlates directly with the strength of individual players and that is the idea Ilm Academy espouses in introducing business leadership for 9th grade students. In addition to studying the basic theoretical and practical approaches to business and personal leadership, students will gain the opportunity to meet and interact with guest speakers gain inspiration and motivation for excellence.