Ilm Academy Faculty

Ilm Academy’s faculty members, with qualifications from traditional Islamic institutions and modern Western universities, provide students a distinctive and integrated educational experience.


Ms. Reshma Farooqui – Director of High School and Curriculum

Ms. Reshma Farooqui brings her 20 years of experience to Ilm Academy as a math and science instructor at the middle school and high school levels, and 9th grade homeroom teacher. She has a degree in science with a major in chemistry. Before joining Ilm Academy she held the role of the math and science department lead at a high school. In this role she successfully designed and implemented creative, student-centered, interdisciplinary curriculum, which included humanities and Islamic studies, in the Math and Science courses. As the department lead, she also successfully mentored and supported teachers within her department with developing and implementing interactive pedagogical strategies for student engagement in Math and Sciences including AP courses.