Religious Studies

We also provide extensive daily instructions in Islamic Studies, Qur’anic Studies, and Arabic Language with the goal of developing in each child a love for and understanding of Islam and helping each of them become confident and faithful practicing Muslims.


Here at ILM Acedemy great emphasis and importance is given to reading the Quran directly from the Mushaf (Nazara) with the Rules of Tajweed being a significant strength enhancing our children's dedication to the teachings of Quran.


A strong foundation in Islamic Studies is at the heart of ILM Academy’s mission. Our approach to the teaching of the Islamic studies is based on the belief that students should come to love Islam, learn Islam and live Islam. In the Kindergarten and lower elementary grades (1st and 2nd), students learn what it means to fully live a practicing Islamic lifestyle and the manner of teaching is done in a way that aims at ensuring that they will want to live such a lifestyle. This curriculum has been designed by our scholars in such a way, that the students will find it easy to understand the deen and will create an enthusiasm to practice it.

  • Qur’an
    • Qaidah, Memorization
  • Hadeeth
    • Dua and Sunnah, Memorization
  • Beliefs and Rules
    • Beliefs (Aqaaid), Rules (Masail)
  • Islamic Upbringing
    • Islamic Knowledge, Deen made easy
  • Language
    • Arabic

A student in KG by the end of the year (at a very minimum) will know InShaAllah, fundamentals of Islam, Kalimas, making Wudhu, Salat, 10 surahs memorized, 10 Ahadith, 10 Duas and 10 Good Deeds to practice on a daily basis.

Qur’anic studies

Quranic Studies are an important element of our curriculum from the earliest grades.

  • In Kindergarten, students begin memorizing many of the short surahs of the Qur’an and are taught to understand the wisdom, beauty, and magnificence of the Qur’an
  • In the elementary grades, students continue memorizing surahs as they also study the meanings and learn extensive Qur’anic vocabulary.

A strong focus is placed on helping the students understand the relevance of the Qur’an to their lives by helping them understand its meanings and the principles and values that it promotes. Focus is also placed from a very young age on the correct pronunciation and reading of the Qur’an.