School Advisory Board

Adnan Makda

Manager (Engineering).
As a volunteer, Mr. Adnan has served as the head of the school team since 2010. He has overseen the expansion of school projects.

Yousuf Vaid

Senior Engineering Manager at Apple.
Yousuf Vaid has been part of the school team since 2010. As a volunteer, Mr. Vaid helped establish the school system and provided technical guidance.

Abdur Rahman

Technical and Team Lead, Fujitsu America Inc.
Mr. Seshadri Yilayavilli has been part of the school team since inception. As a volunteer, his role and responsibility with the school have been on marketing and supporting all school objectives.

Danish Najam

Senior Engineer, Apple.
As a volunteer, Mr. Najam joined Ilm Academy in 2012. He supported the school in many projects.

Arif Obaid

Senior Business Intelligence Lead / Business Partner Genentech Inc. CA .
As a volunteer, Mr. Arif Obaid joined the school team in 2016. Mr. Obaid has brought his expertise in business to school.

Huma Bokharey

Founder of Ilm Academy, Mrs. Bokharey has founded and served the school since 2010 as the lead role. She brought over 20 years of administrative experience in education to Ilm Academy.