Our Vision

Instill the love of learning and prepare our students to:

  • achieve Academic excellence
  • develop Leadership skills
  • attain distinguished Islamic values and moral principles

The ILM Academy graduate will become the true emissary of Islam and play a leading role in the American society.

ILM Academy will provide a comprehensive curricula consisting of strong academic core,  complemented by Islamic education and extra curricular activities.

Our Objective:

  • Competitive academics meeting or exceeding national academic standards.
  • Comprehensive Islamic studies as designed by the scholars of our community.
  • Equal emphasis on extra curricular activities organized by school and supported by parent body.
  • Upholding Islamic values without exceptions during any events, parent meetings, fund raising campaigns and the likes.
  • Affordable fee structure for majority of Muslims with provisions to sponsor children with documented hardship cases.
  • To develop the character of our kids with Islam as the main focus of their lives.
  • To enforce confidence in their identity as young Muslims.
  • Ensure they enjoy their life at school, and develop a love for learning, and the strong desire to continue their education as a lifetime experience.
  • To acquire a moral attitude to life in all their affairs and transactions.